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Choosing a Tax Haven



In choosing a tax haven country, there are many factors that should be considered, some of which are:

  • Tax legislation

  • Political stability

  • Foreign exchange laws

  • Ease of IBC formations

  • Legal systems

  • Secrecy and nondisclosure laws

  • Location and proximity

  • Languages

  • Tax treaties

  • Financial institutions

  • Residency and immigration laws

  • Foreign marine registrations

  • Corporate filing requirements

In many situations it may be wise to utilize more than one tax haven. For example, you may want to incorporate your International Business Corporation in Turks and Caicos for tax and privacy reasons, have a bank account with a bank in Antigua; have a credit card with a financial institution in Aruba and have a trust created in Nauru because of its excellent trust legislation.


The choice of tax havens plays a very important part in the creation of your offshore structure and should be given careful consideration.


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