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Our Services


Whether you are an individual who wants an offshore bank account, or you are a corporation wanting multiple offshore centres . . . we can help.

Listed below are some of our services you may find to be helpful:

  • Incorporation of International Business Corporations (IBC’s) in a wide variety of tax haven countries

  • Creation of foreign trusts

  • Offshore Bank Formations

  • Captive insurance company formation

  • Formation of personal and corporate bank accounts and credit cards

  • Corporate and personal financing

  • Offshore Gaming Licenses

  • Income tax consultation

  • Creation and incorporation of multi-jurisdictional nonprofit organizations and partnerships

  • Maintenance of corporate records

  • Director and nominee shareholder services

  • Establishment of foreign citizenships and residencies

  • Provision and maintenance of foreign registered offices and agents

  • Liaison and referral service to major international financial institutions

  • Foreign marine registrations

  • Letters of credit

  • Foreign employee referral services

The above are just some of the services we provide. We would be pleased to customize a proposal that addresses your personal or corporate needs.


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